Happy Kali Puja in Bengal, Pooja Vidhi Mantra Sacrifices

Kali Puja

Happy Kali Puja in Bengal, Pooja Vidhi Mantra Sacrifices : Kali is a Devi of dull and is merciless and fearsome. Kali is otherwise called Chamunda Devi, Chandi, and Kalratri and so on kali puja is principally performed on the New moon day and Kartik amavashya. The fundamental reason for this puja is to evacuate the shades of malice, negative behavior patterns and things from inside us or from this world. So individuals performed kali puja to escape the wrongs. The cause of kali puja started in Bengal. Before eighteenth century this puja was not practically speaking. This puja came in light in eighteenth century and turned out to be more acclaimed in nineteenth century.

kali puja

Kali Puja Vidhi

Advantages of Worship

When one can dwell inside, without recognizable proof or connection to the constantly changing outside impacts, then the Supreme Truth can be figured it out. This is the way that Mother Kali indicates us.

By spreading Her dimness over common yearning, Kali makes seekers absolutely absent to the transient outer components. They then turn out to be completely contained the Self.

To love Mother Kali, we play out Her puja, sing Her names, discuss Her mantras, and recollect that Her in both times of straightforwardness and in times of challenges.

Kali Puja

Kali Beej Mantra

Vamtantra likewise start tantrik mantra on this night to the people who try to learn tantra and for tantra apprentices, after appropriate start by sidha tantrik Guru. Everybody is motivated to do the most extreme number of Japa of kali beej mantra "KRING" ruminating over kali mama.

Before droning the mantras the Kali Yantra ought to be appropriately powerised and loved. Least recitation of the mantra ought to be 1008 times.

Pujan Procedure

Make a red seat by covering a red material over a wooden post or little stool. Place a symbol or picture of Maa Kali with Mahakali Yantra over that seat. You can make this Yantra without anyone else or even get this from business sector. After that, love the Goddess utilizing red shoe, blossoms and incense sticks. Perform Nyasa and ponder for Maa BHagwati in the accompanying ways -

Dhyan Stuti (Meditation Psalm)

Khadagam Gadeshu Chap Parighaam Shoolam Bhushundi Shirah|

Shankham Sanddhateem Karaystinayanaam Sarwaag Bhushavritaam||

Neelaashmadhutimaasya Paada Dshakaam Sewaye Mahakalikaam|

Yaamastautswapito Harao Kamaljo Hantum Madhu Kaytbham||

Tantric individuals envision a ghastly look of Mahakali as sitting on carcass, wearing a laurel of heads, sword, trident, softened earthen utensil up one hand and human head in other with a wicked red tongue out yearning for more blood, while pondering. For them, the reflection song is this:

Shwarudhaam Mahabheemaam Ghordrinshtraam Varpradaam|

Haasya Yuktaam Trinetraam Ch Kapaal Kartrikaakaraam||

Mukt Keshee Laljihvam Pimbatee Rudhiram Muhuh|

Chaturbahuyutam Deveem Varabhayakaraam Smaret||

Kali Puja

Ashirwad bado ka
pyar dosto ka
duaen sabki
karuna Maa Ki
Kali Puja ki hardik shubhkamnaey

Kali Puja Khushio ka
Ujalo ka
Kali puja Aapki Jindagi khushio se bhari ho
Duniya ujalo se roshan ho,
ghar par Maa Kali ka Aagman ho...
Happy Kali Puja

Fortunate is the one
Who has learned to admire,
But not to envy.
Good wishes for a joyous Kali Puja,
With a plenty of peace and prosperity.

Ambe hai tu jagdambe kali,
Jay durge khappar wali!
Teri hi gun gawe bharati,
Woh maiya hum sab utare teri aarati!
Charan saran mein khande tumhari,
Le puja ke thali!
Barad hast sar par rakh do,
Maa sankat harne wali!

Kali Puja

On this auspicious occasion of Kali Puja
I wish you are blessed with prosperity and
success by Ma Kali

May Maa Kali kalipuja
bring joy to you and your loved ones
May the Divine blessings Of Maa Kali be with you always
Happy Kali Puja

Anonde katuk Sharod Bela
Nil akasher megher vela,
Padmya fuler papri mela,
Dhaker taale kasher khela,
Anonde katuk sharodbela.
Happy Kali Puja

Kali Puja

Happy Kali Puja in Bengal, Pooja Vidhi Mantra Sacrifices. In nineteen's century the huge proprietor and well off group of Bengal used to perform it to dispose of disasters and lead a cheerful, tranquil and rich life. After Bengal it got acknowledgment in Orissa and Assam now it is performed north India and just about in the entire nation.

May the Beauty of Diwali Season fill your Home with Happiness...

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