Happy Diwali Fireworks Crackers Video Images Hd Wallpapers Pictures

Diwali Fireworks Crackers

Happy Diwali Fireworks Crackers Video Images Hd Wallpapers Pictures :- Happy Diwali Fireworks Crackers Video Images Hd Wallpapers Photos 2019 pathake fb timeline covers whatsapp dp profile pics pictures Shubh Deepavali names vector . Diwali is celebrated all over in India. What we all have known that Diwali is a festival of light and joy. We worship our gods to bless us and to care for our family. In India, it is seen that most of the people celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness. Everyone burned lots of crackers and spent their whole day and night with full joy and happiness. People came close to each other and met this day and greet themselves for Diwali. It is seen that they perform Laxmi Puja and after that they seek for the Divine blessing of Goddess of wealth.

Diwali Fireworks Images Wallpapers

Most of the peoples exchange gifts to their dear ones. Most of the people believe in celebrating Eco-friendly Diwali while most of the peoples burst crackers and celebrate it in their way. In shortly, Diwali is a festival of joy, happiness, lights, and sweets. But this day our environment polluted and many of the health problems arise.

Diwali Fireworks Video

Diwali is mostly called "Deepawali." Every people started to decorate their houses with candles and lots of news things in the house. They used to buy the new thing on this occasion in their houses.We should prevent from the things like Gifts item waste avoid to use plastics, not to use colors for "Rangoli". So try to celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly way and try to prevent from air pollution.

Happy Diwali Fireworks Crackers Video Images Hd Wallpapers Pictures. We should avoid powdered rangoli colors which are available to the market. Harmful chemicals involved in it that can harm so many things and it's better for us if we will follow our ecosystem. So use natural colors to dry rice to make our Rangoli more bright and beautiful. We should avoid burning so many crackers as it could badly affect our environment. One more thing when you go off to the sleep, it's better to switch off those decorative lights.

May the Beauty of Diwali Season fill your Home with Happiness...

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